Long Overdue

*I wrote this entry 2 years ago
What do I want to do with my life? This is the question that many people ask me and I often ask myself. It seems like over the years my answers have changed, but one thing remains the same..and that is the importance that lies in my answer. My answer to the question has great significance but what I find more important is what I do after the question has been answered. It’s so simple to find an answer to a question. Anyone can say something that sounds good. But the real test is bringing those words to life. Honestly, at 20 years old I am realizing that I don’t have life figured out and things that I once was so sure about…almost have no meaning to me anymore. Some people have dreams as a child and that dream never changes, they stick with it. Others constantly change their minds, and then there’s the people that were never really sure and still aren’t. There’s also the large percentage of people in the world that select an occupation and follow all of the necessary steps to have a career in that line of work. Then there’s me..Lynda D’Angela. I guess you could say I’ve changed my mind a few times. But something has always remained the same. An aching in my soul to touch lives and inspire people. I desire to beat the odds and show people that no dream is too big. I once was a dreamer… I remember as a young girl I would just close my eyes and imagine how my life would be, living my dreams out. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind about achieving success. But as we get a little older and enter into our adult lives…Something happens. Suddenly, we become more aware of the harsh realities of this world and things can begin to seem completely out of our reach. Many of us fall victim to a monster known as “Fear”. We begin placing our plan B’s in order or simply giving up and going with the flow of our lives and whatever direction it goes. I was there, sometimes I have to catch myself from going back. In fact, it’s a constant battle.


Wow! I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since I wrote that entry and never posted it anywhere. But the only thing that matters now is the current. Although I wrote that entry 2 years ago, LionHearted Angels was placed in my heart in 2013, and the actual concept of it has been in my heart for over a decade. This is much deeper than chasing dreams and success. Were chasing God and giving him all of the glory on this journey. For so long I have felt the urgency for LionHearted Angels, but I allowed fear and doubt to stop me from starting the movement. I believe that sometimes the only thing standing in our way of living a purpose filled life is “Us”. Lately I have been forming a habit of saying aloud “God let thy will be done”. I have realized that there is no plan, greater than the plan that God has for me. I surrender to the Lord.

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